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Erin Hansen

Teacher, Blogger,

Professional Development Junkie

Hi there, I'm Erin.


I'm the daughter of an artist and an engineer and that simple fact has molded me as an educator. I am a former middle school teacher, newbie 3rd grade teacher, with a passion for all things for STEM. I have a strong belief that teaching is truly an art... yes, there's a science to it, but great teachers are definitely artists in their own right.  To some, I may be an unexpected science nerd, but my love for Nye, Frizzle, and Newton runs deep. I'm rarely found without a cup of coffee (usually a cold one) nearby and my favorite place to be in the world is snuggled on my reclining couch with my husband and kiddos... reclining couch by the way? Best. Decision. Ever.


I have eleven years of teaching under my belt and I've worked with both elementary (3rd & 4th) and middle school age students (6th & 8th). After eight years with upper graders, I've made the decision to head back to my primary roots where I started my career. This year, I am taking on 3rd grade again and I am so very excited. I believe that building relationships is the best classroom management tool, always and a little bit of humor never hurts. One of the best thing about getting to hang out with awesome little learners all day? They'll humor me and laugh at my cheesy science puns... well, at least they do, periodically. See what I did there?

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Thanks for connecting with me!

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